Ace Personnel can provide you with temporary and sometimes permanent work.

Assignments with any particular company may vary in duration from one day for sickness or holiday cover to much longer periods on project or contract work. Some temporary assignments become permanent jobs.

Staff are selected for assignments on the basis of their existing skills. Personal preferences, together with geographic location, are also given consideration.

People join us for differing reasons, which suit their current situation, style and personality. These may include:-

  • a "fill in"until their ideal job comes along.
  • a source of income whilst temporarily available for some work.
  • an opportunity to examine what work is available in the area.
  • a step into a company which could lead to a full time job with them.

Some people join us permanently, as they enjoy the variety of experiences and challenges that the more conventional type of full-time employment can not offer, yet have worked continuously during their period with us.

The rates of pay do vary according to the type of work or company involved but are certainly comparable with those of other companies in the area. On receipt of your authorised timesheet, wages are paid direct to your bank account by Friday each week and we make all the statutory deductions in respect of tax and national insurance. You will also accrue holiday pay throughout your working time with us. 

We hope that this outline gives you a good idea of what our business is about and will encourage you to join our company. If you still have questions please DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK. Use the link to the contact details shown on this page. We would appreciate it if you could make your enquiry during normal office hours, which are 7 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. 


Ace Personnel

Ace Personnel has been established since 1983.  We are a privately owned company and we believe our total commitment to consistency of quality has enabled our company to grow steadily over the years.


We provide a service across the Lancashire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire. Our offices are in Padiham and Rochdale.


We specialise in driving, warehousing, industrial, general labourers, office personnel and skilled tradesmen. More generally speaking, through our contacts, we can try to offer your skills to a wide variety of companies.

About Us

The original Ace Personnel office in 1983 was based in Rochdale.  This town is still the base for our Head Office functions.

We also trade under the name of Ace Drivers since the original business recruited and supplied drivers only. This company name has gradually disappeared as we have evolved into the supply of all types of staff to the transport industry and then into warehousing and industry in general.

We now offer a quality service across many more sectors.

We believe in paying our employers as good a wage as can be afforded. We were also one of the first agencies to pay holiday pay; before it became a legal requirement.

We deduct tax and NI as per HMRC rules. Some agencies pay their employees through umbrella companies. We do not use any tax avoidance schemes. The following link explains the pitfalls of such an arrangement.